Battery - Powering Happiness.

At Kemplo, we believe that a dependable infrastructure can change our future. For this, we produce a wide range of packaged electricity power covering commendable capacities to serve the needs of different industry verticals. Harnessing the power of latest technological advancement, we manufacture industrial as well as commercial batteries.

MODEL Warranty (In months) Max. Overall Dimension (in MM)
INVER CHARGE-1650 18 510 230 350
INVER CHARGE ST-1500 24 550 250 425
INVER CHARGE T-1650 30 555 245 460
INVER CHARGE T-1650 36 555 245 460

Salient Features:

  • WIRTZ casted grids with special alloy formulation & criss cross design
    Effect- Low internal resistance, High strength
  • Special plate making process
    Effect- High surface area for acid reaction and perfect adhesion between active mass and grid.
  • Imported glass mat separators
    Effect- Availability of acid to reactive plate surface ever time.
  • Heat sealed tamper-prooflid
    Effect- Protects against leakage, corrosion, tampering & make environment friendly